The Perfect Organic Tea for Fall Time – IngenuiTea™ Gourmet Tea & Spice Company, LLC

Introducing our deliciously rich and bold dark tea that is perfect for Fall! Our Chai Wisdom tea is a special blend that features the warm flavors of licorice, ginger, mango, and berry, with a hint of fragrant star anise. Made with organic Pu'erh, it not only adds texture and body but also helps soothe stomach issues and aids digestion. Say goodbye to bloating and hello to a satisfying cup of tea!

Inside our package, you'll find 15 pyramid sachets, each made with biodegradable materials. With a weight of 1.32 oz (37.5 grams), you'll have plenty to enjoy. 

To ensure the highest quality, we use only the finest ingredients. Our tea includes organic pu'erh, almond pieces, star anise, organic licorice, ginger root, and natural and artificial flavors of mango and berry. We want everyone to enjoy our tea, so please be aware that it contains tree nuts (almond).

For those looking for a little boost, this tea has a medium to high caffeine level. So sit back, relax, and indulge in a cup of our delightful and satisfying Chai Wisdom tea for those cozy nights in.