After water, tea is the next best thing you can put into your body.  

In order to become and stay healthy, it’s important to understand what’s in the things you choose to drink every day.

Tea has endless health benefits, and we want you to be able to experience everything tea has to offer for yourself.  

Our mission at IngenuiTea is to provide organically grown, naturally blended, premium teas that help foster a healthier lifestyle, while also giving you focus and a natural energy boost.

Our teas

At IngenuiTea, we've made drinking our organic teas simple and enjoyable. We added the loose leaves of the camellia sinensis plant into pyramid sachets, allowing you to experience the full robustness of our natural flavored organic teas. You can place our sachets in your favorite diffuser, in a cup of hot water, or take them with you to enjoy later. So easy, so delicious.



Grab our Limited Edition Essence Collection

Give the woman that matters the most the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.  Our three-tea collection features distinct floral flavors that capture the essences of love, beauty, and strength.

Our newest collection is all about Mom.  

Give her the gift she deserves this Mother’s Day with three premium organic teas that will soothe her soul, delight her palate, and promote her overall wellbeing.

The Essence Collection features distinct floral flavors that capture the essences of love, beauty, and strength.

It all starts with our newest tea, Rose Bouquet, an herbal tea made from the petals and buds of the rose bush, with a delicate floral flavor that’s both sweet and earthy.

Lavender Chamomile Synergy is a caffeine-free herbal tea that combines aromatic lavender and calming chamomile.

China Jasmine Silver Needle is a detoxifying and soothing white tea with sweet woody notes and a smooth finish.

This collection is only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out on the perfect gift for the woman that matters the most.

Try a different kind of energy

We know how easy it is to grab one of those high-calorie, overly-caffeinated drinks that are full of sugar whenever you need a quick energy boost.

But we also know that those products just aren’t working.

They’re not giving you the focus and lasting energy you need to get you through the day, while also being naturally healthier for both your mind and your body.

Experience Vitality

What you put into your body matters, and you shouldn’t have to settle for products that aren’t worth the hype.

Find out just how good tea can be.

Check out our line of affordable, premium, organic teas!

Shop our tea collections

Our curated organic tea collections are the perfect exploration in tea. Each collection includes three tea blends that have been hand-picked to not only take your tastebuds on a journey, but also balance your mind and maximize your health. 

Be Well Collection

Bringing together three delectable teas that detoxify your body and maximize your overall health and wellness.


Serenity Collection

Combining green and herbal teas that soothe and energize, while offering powerful, immune-boosting antioxidants.


Caribbean Collection

Deliciously-rich tropical flavors that transport you to the warm, sunny beaches of the Caribbean.


It’s not just tea….it’s LIFE!

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