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It's time to break up with your coffee ritual and get teas-ed with our whole leaf and true teas!

All "true" teas, i.e., those made from the Camellia Sinensis tea plant (i.e., not herbal teas), have some level of natural caffeine. It's how that plant is then cultivated that speaks to the level of caffeine.

Here are some basic tea caffeine facts:

Black tea - highest level of caffeine - 8oz brewed cup has about 47 - 50 mg, compared to 8oz of coffee which has approximately 97mg

Green tea - mid to high levels - 30 - 45mg

Oolong tea - medium levels of caffeine - 38mg

Pu'erh tea - medium to high levels of caffeine - 40 - 55mg

White tea - low levels of caffeine

Which caffeine level is best for you?

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Cheers to a cup of good health!