Bring in the Summer with Organic Teas – IngenuiTea™ Gourmet Tea & Spice Company, LLC

Get ready to experience a delightful burst of flavor this Summer with our Champagne & Berries Cheer Tea! This vibrant blend combines the sweetness of strawberry, goji berry, acai, and the elegant touch of champagne.

Not only does this bold green-tea blend create a sophisticated taste, but it also provides you with a gentle caffeine boost. You can enjoy the benefits of green tea's calorie-burning power throughout the day. Whether you savor it in the morning or right before bed, raise a cup to your health!

Each package contains 15 biodegradable pyramid sachets, totaling 1.32 oz. (37.5 grams). 

Discover the goodness of our organic ingredients: green tea, strawberries, goji berries, acai berries, and a natural champagne flavor.

With a medium caffeine level, our Champagne & Berries Cheer Tea is the perfect choice for a balanced energy boost.

Brewing our delightful tea is as easy as can be! Simply bring water to a temperature of 170*-180* F, pour it over a sachet, and steep for 3-5 minutes. Remove the sachet and indulge in the wonderful flavors and health benefits.

Get ready to add some cheer to your Summer with our Champagne & Berries blend!