We’re preparing to bring you our line of organically grown, naturally blended, premium teas that help to foster a healthier lifestyle, while also giving you focus and a natural energy boost.

At IngenuiTea, we LIVE tea!   

We are a tea company that offers affordable, premium, organic teas that provide our customers with a nutrient rich, low caffeine, low-calorie beverage option. 

As a 100% female, black, and veteran-owned company, we are committed to investing 10% of our annual profits into food security programs and agricultural efforts headed by women of color.

We’re launching our full line on January 1, 2023, and you can be one of the first to have access to our must-drink teas.  New Year, New You!

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 It’s not just tea, it’s LIFE.  And what you choose to drink everyday matters.

We know how easy it is to grab one of those high-calorie, overly-caffeinated drinks that are full of sugar whenever you need a quick energy boost.

But we also know that those products just aren’t working.

You shouldn’t have to settle for products that aren’t worth the hype.

✓ If you’ve been wanting to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle 

✓ If you want a product that helps to reduce your stress and anxiety

✓ If you’ve been searching for something that is quick, convenient and great tasting while also giving you lasting energy and focus

Look no further…

We have everything you need with our line of premium, affordable, 100% organic teas!

Find out just how good tea can be

With so many types of organic, natural teas to choose from, you’ll never get bored!

Take a peek at some of our most-anticipated flavors:

Classic Earl Grey

Start your day fully charged with a traditional cup of Earl Grey tea.  It’s strong, aromatic flavor offers earthy and smoky notes, along with hints of fruit, molasses, and malt.  You’ll get a gradual caffeine boost without the racing heart or energy crash.

Champagne & Berries Cheer

Bring on the cheer with flavors of strawberry, goji berry, acai, and champagne.  This bold green-tea blend feels sophisticated while also giving you a gentle caffeine boost.  You’ll benefit from green tea’s calorie-burning power all day long.  So toast to your health as you enjoy a cup in the morning or right before bed.

Caribbean Dreams

You’ll be dreaming of the Caribbean as you sip a cup full of tropical flavors.  The leaves of the rooibos plant are combined with chunks of tart pineapple, creamy coconut, sweet banana, and just a hint of orange.  This herbal tea is not only earthy and refreshing, but caffeine free, making it perfect for those who need or prefer a decaf tea.

Healthy Detox

When you need to relax and rejuvenate, this caffeine-free tea will help warm you from the inside out.  Offering a surprisingly rich golden-orange color, it helps to soothe your throat with cooling menthol and a sweet lemon flavor.  It’s the perfect way to detox your body anytime you need an extra boost.

South African Cape Nectar

Originating from the South African red bush, organic rooibos leaves are combined with flowering honeybush, creating a flavor that is both sweet and earthy.  This simple blend is perfect either hot or iced.  You’ll get all the benefits of stress-fighting polyphenols without the caffeine.

  • E. Michelle Watson
    Founder of IngenuiTea Gourmet Tea & Spice Company

  • I’ve been a lover of tea ever since I was introduced to it as a little girl.

    Perhaps my affection for tea was passed on to me from my great-grandmother, Anna, born in 1880 on the Caribbean island of Grenada, itself the Isle of Spice, and at that time, a British Crown Colony. As a young woman, Anna eventually emigrated to the Republic of Panama, but brought with her, her love of English tea, which she then passed down to her children.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world, sampling teas all along the way.  While I’m not certain that my great-grandmother knew of the many nutrients and health benefits in a great cup of tea, I knew I wanted to start a tea company.  One which offers mouth-watering, premium, organic tea, in its truest, most powerful form, to ensure you gain all the health benefits which naturally emanate from the camellia sinensis (tea plant).

    In fact, tea is so chock full of health advantages, that next to water, tea is the best thing you can put in your body!

    So, just like Anna, pour yourself a delicious, nutritious, healthy cup of tea, and make memories with your friends and family.

    Drink a cup, to your health.